Liposuction with NO Results, Was 1500cc Enough?

I am a classic pear & had lipo (hips, thighs, & knees) done 10 days ago. I was told 1500cc was removed. I don't see any results & still measure the exact same as before. I don't think I'm that swollen & I'd have thought I would see some minor results by now. Will I ever see results or was there not enough removed? Thanks

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1500cc of lipo, is that enough?

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It is hard to discuss without a picutre, but 1500cc is a minimal amoiunt of liposuction aspirate, this would be acceptable in a small person that is in good shape. The amount of aspirate is directly in porportion to the amount of aspirate that can be removed. The surgeon should have explained the goals with you and doiscussed the estimate of the amount to be removed. It is possible that you are stil very swollen and will stil have a good result. If you are confident in your surgeon allow the swelling to resolve and address your concenrs in your next appointment.

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