Additional Liposuction After Thigh Lift + Lipo

A month ago, I had lipo/thigh lift with poor results. Thus, my doctor went back in 2 weeks ago & did revision lipo to my thighs and other areas. I have obtained the operative report and found out that he only took out 450 ccs from each thigh on the first surgery, did the thigh lift and then on this revision surgery 2 weeks later, has taken 2250 ccs from each thigh.

13 days post 2nd surgery, my thighs are larger than prior to the surgery, hard, swollen and the skin is stretching immensely.

Doesnt the # of ccs taken show the negligence in not removing adequate fat the first time prior to the thigh lift? Is there any way that the thigh lift isnt going to be negatively affected? Shouldnt the doctor have left at least one incision open for drainage to reduce swelling considering the adverse effects that swelling would have on the thigh lift result?

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Liposuction Aspirate Volumes

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You appear to have a large number of concerns regarding your liposuction and thigh lift surgery. I would remind you that swelling is a normal finding following these types of procedures. Furthermore, wound healing is a dynamic process and it may take six to twelve months to see your final results.

Your question regarding liposuction aspirate volumes is an important one. When liposuction is performed in combination with thigh lift surgery, safety should be everyone's first priority. For this reason, we would anticipate smaller aspirates when these procedures are performed together.

It's impossible to evaluate your results without pictures or a physical examination, but your history doesn't suggest negligence. It's important to have realistic expectations, but if you're concerned about negligence, it doesn't hurt to get a second opinion. Before doing this, I would first communicate with your plastic surgeon and make sure your expectations are realistic.


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Negligence based on the amount of fat removed? No I do not think so.

You are only two weeks post operative.

Concentrate on the positive aspects of your surgery and the healing process.

You had two surgeries two weeks apart, you are swallen, wearing your compression garment will help your skin retract back, elevation, low salt intake will also help decrease your swelling and hopefully in twelve weeks you will be happy with the results. It is way too early to make a judgment now.

As for closing the wounds of liposuction some of us Plastic surgeons do close some do not close. It has no defined effect.

As for the amount removed the second time it was too early and it could be that most of the aspirate was tumescent fluid and some fluid from the previuos surgery.

Wait for the final results in at least 12 weeks.

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Negiglicence is not measured in cc's

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Negligence is not measured in cc's. Your implication that not enough was removed suggests that a successful surgeon would remove more. That is not necessarily true. Removing large volumes suggests that perhaps the surgery should have been delayed until a more desireable weight had been achieved. A thigh lift is generally performed for loose skin following massive weight loss and not excess fat.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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