I had liposuction my flanks ans stomach 2 weeks, when I first looked my flanks were lovely and flat. Now no change?

In the day had it done my flanks looked lovely and flat. 2 weeks later they look bigger then before I had them done,all the bruising has gone and I have no pain on them, should I complain, I am only a size 10 to start with. I had a total of 1 and half litres from my stomach and flanks

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Swelling is the major factor as to why you're seeing no change.

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At 2 weeks post-op, you are likely seeing swelling occur.  In my experience of several years, I find weeks 2 and 3 post-op to be the point of maximum swelling.  Then it gradually subsides over the next month or so.  Consult your surgeon, and make him/her aware of your concern, but in time I feel you should see good results.

Atlanta Dermatologic Surgeon
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You can expect swelling from this procedure for the next month or two, contact your surgeon to discuss the concerns

Marwan R. Khalifeh, MD
Chevy Chase Plastic Surgeon
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Liposuction and swelling

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At two weeks after liposuction you are most likely swollen. Give it time to heal it will likely take several months to see the final result.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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