I Had Liposuction on my Abdominal and Flanks Area. I Am 4 Weeks in Now and Still Look the Same As I Did Before the Op?

I have been measuring myself and my measurements are the same and I also weigh the same as I did before the op after 4 weeks in from my surgery. Is this normal and will I ever really see an improvement? I have read you should see improvements after 3-4 weeks but I haven't as of yet?

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One Month After Lipo And No Changes

I am sure you have shared these concerns with your Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.  Please follow his or her advice.  You trusted them with your life and looks, now trust them with your recovery.

That having been said, in my practice and I am perhaps slightly more aggressive than most plastic surgeons, I would have you doing external ultrasound (the kind physical therapists use for sore muscles) to the multiple areas liposuctioned to decrease swelling and promote recovery.  No bridges have been burned.  I have started this as late as 3 months and still had excellent results.  I would also use DMSO, a veterinary medicine, to decrease inflammation and swelling, and to increase blood supply to the injured areas which will also increase the movement of waste products out of your liposuctioned areas. 

The judicious use of a Medrol dose pack should chemically wring some of the fluid out of the tissue and it sometimes kick starts recovery for those patients who like to hang on to extra injury fluid.  If there is a bell shaped curve for recovery, you may be several standard deviations away from the norm, but some of these simple tricks above may hasten your inch and weight loss.  Ask your plastic surgeon about my suggestions, and of course, follow his or her advice.

Results after liposuction

full results after liposuction can take 6-8 weeks to show. and sometimes the results continue to show ans the treated areas contuinue to improve for upto a year. its best to follow the post procedure care instructions that ur doctor had suggested.

Misbah Khan MD, FAAD, FACMS
New York Dermatologic Surgeon
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Measurements haven't changed after surgery

Everybody is different! I always tell patients it can take up to a year to see your final result. It is so exciting when patients have substantial improvement at a month, but it is not everybody. Definitely talk with your surgeon about your concerns so you can rest your mind; but know that lots of patients take longer to shed the swelling. Make sure you are doing all you can do...wear your garment(s), drink plenty of fluid, get good nutrition, walk as much as you can. I have had several patients over the years that came back with prolonged swelling, and when we discussed their daily habits they were actively calorie restricting and/or avoiding drinking water, thinking that would help them lose more weight after their liposuction! It is really important to realize your body is recovering from real surgery and needs enough protein and nutrients to do a good job. Vegetables, lean protein, fruits, nuts, and lots of water to flush the swelling out.

Even with all these things, every person recovers at their own rate; larger volume or multi site liposuction is going to take longer than a little contouring of a single site.

Hope that helps! Hang in there!

Meghan K. McGovern, MD
Savannah Plastic Surgeon
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