Liposuction or Monsplasty for Chubby Mons Pubis?

I have an extremely chubby mons pubis and to a lesser extent, labia majora. In a bikini, it looks like I'm packing like a 9-year-old boy. I am, and have always been of normal weight with good skin tone. Would liposuction do the trick or is something more involved like monsplasty necessary? Also, would a general plastic surgeon be a good choice of provider or are there doctors that specialize in these types of procedures?

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Liposuction or Monsplasty for chubby mons pubis

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Dear Dundie,

From your description, there are no medical reasons for the prominence of the mons. There being no significant droopiness of the Mons, I see no reason why a monsplasty (IE narrowing and lift at the cost of permanent scarring) would be indicated in your case.

Liposuction of this areas produces good results and can be performed by the vast majority of American Society of Plastic Surgeons ( members.

In your part of the country, medical hype and jive are quite common and loud. It is hard to separate true from hyperbole. Seemingly everyone, has a well paid PR agent and regardless of his/her training and credentials boasts himself as a "world expert" and has an "institute". The term "general" plastic surgeons was actually coined by other specialties whose Boards are not members of the ABMS, to falsely elevate themselves over plastic surgeons who ARE are better and more fully trained and are certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS) which is a member of the exclusive organization of The American Boards of Medical Specialists (ABMS).

But, even among ABPS certified plastic surgeons there are a few of us who specialize in genital cosmetic surgery. In YOUR part of the country, I would contact Gary Alter who was trained in Urology and Plastic Surgery. He could easily advise you on your choices.

Hope this was helpful.

Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Monsplasty or Liposuction

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The area just above the pubic region is called the mons. This is a common area of complaint because it can be a site of extra fat. Liposuction is a good option in this area and will reduce the size. Sometimes (especially after weight loss), the mons descends and droops. In this case, as lift (or monsplasty) is indicated to lift eh mons region and remove excess skin. The scar would be similar to a c-section or sometimes the scar is only within the groin crease.

if your problem is fat, then liposuction may be all you need - keep in mind that this area gets VERY SWOLLEN after liposuction and this can last several weeks. Be prepared. If you have descent of the mons, or excess skin, you may need a monsplasty - usually combined with liposuction.

Liposuction to reduce mons pubis fullness

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liposuction of the mons pubis has been very successful in my experience in reducing the fullness of the mons pubis in patients that don't have loose skin.

Sean Younai, MD, FACS
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Liposuction for Chubby Mons Pubis

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Extra fatty tissue in the mons pubis area can be treated with liposuction alone in most patients. It is good to be of fairly stable, normal weight if possible. However, sometimes chubby mons pubis is genetic and won't change with weight. Some things to remember:

1. Expect that you will have a little longer recovery (tenderness should resolve in a couple of weeks, and bruising should as well, but you can have swelling and a hardening of the tissues for even a couple of months). This is considered normal.

2. Expect to have quite a bit of bruising. This is also normal in this area and can happen even when you are doing liposuction for the abdomen.

It doesn't sound like you need a Monsplasty. Finally, the doctor that you choose should be someone that has a lot of training and experience in liposuction. For the most part, you will find that plastic surgeons tend to use general anesthesia, and dermatologists tend to use "twilight", or conscious sedation. That decision is up to you. Everyone uses tumescent lidocaine. Again, it isn't necessarily the "type" of physician, but their experience. They should show you before and after photos, be thorough at the consultation, and have previous patients for you to call if you want to.

Chubby Mons Pubis. Liposuction or Monsplasty?

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Hard to tell without photos or exam.  Having said that, liposuction can be a good tool to address the contour irregularity of a mons pubis.  If there is extra skin or descent of the tissue, then a monsplasty may be more appropriate.  As for the labia majora, this may also be addressed at the time of surgery.  A board certified plastic surgeon should be able to guide you through the process.

Jeffrey J. Roth, MD, FACS
Las Vegas Plastic Surgeon
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Liposuction should correct the chubby pubis

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Excess fatty tissue over the pubis, also called the mons pubis for those who speak Latin is fairly common, and interestingly this question has become more common lately. The excess fullness can become a difficulty with clothing and a significant source of embarrassment. We have found ultrasonic liposuction, usually through a small entry site at the belly button very effective in reducing the prominence. We prefer the ultrasound because of the limited area within which to work. The area does swell however the correction is quite good. Monsplasty sounds like scaring and regret and is probably best avoided.

Best of luck,


Peter E. Johnson, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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There are several possibilities and it mainly depends on whether a slight lift of the mons would be indicated as well. Your plastic surgeon should be able to handle any of the alternatives ranging from simple liposuction (possibly even laser assisted liposculpture for this small area) to some form of liposuction and a lift which would hide the scar low in the pubic area. You should always discuss your goals and expectations with your surgeon and he/she should let you know if that is realistic. Laser assisted liposculpture (SmartLipo, Cool Lipo, Slim Lipo, etc) could be done first and if you get enough of a reduction and some tightening of the skin then you may not need the lift. But again your surgeon will recommend what would be best after examining you.

Theodore Katz, MD, FACS
Philadelphia Plastic Surgeon

Monsplasty versus Mons Lipo

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The deciding factor between liposuction or lift (monsplasty) is the amount of looseness in the tissues. If the mons is swollen, but the skin is tight, liposuction alone usually gives an excellent result. If there is looseness (laxity) in the mons, liposuction alone may resulting in sagging or wrinkled skin and monsplasty may give a better result. The two procedures are used in combination in some cases. A physical exam is necessary to determine which option is best for you.

Mons Pubis Reduction

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My best advice is to choose your plastic surgeon rather than the technique. See the below link on how to find the most experienced plastic surgeon.

Reducing the Mons Pubis often called a pubis lift is a procedure that addresses both extra bulk from too much fat as well as redundant skin and underlying soft tissue. The procedure is tailored to your needs and an exam is required to see if simple lipo is all you need.
Always see a board certified plastic surgeon or gynecologist experienced in these procedures.

Liposuction for mons

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Start with liposuction to the mons area since it is simple.  Reserve a monsplasty for residual issues only if needed.

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