Best Liposuction Method to Improve Square Butt?

I plan to get Liposuction on flanks, outer thighs and banana roll, my overall goal is to change the square apperance of my butt. I am tall and slim and I would greatly appreciate your advice on which method of lipo would me effective for me traditional Liposuction or Smart Lipo etc? Thanks!

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Treatment of buttocks with liposuction

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Your question is surprisingly complex. Usually liposuction alone when performed by very competent surgeons is quite successful. However as much goes into the decision making process as the surgery.

An experienced board certified plastic surgeon will assess the skin looseness, likelihood of success (remember with liposuction you are removing fat, so if the skin is loose, the results may not be good), and health risks of the procedure.

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Rounding the square butt

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Liposuction is an excellent method to refine the waist and hips. This makes the buttocks more prominent. I would not recommend liposuction of the banana roll. Liposuction of this area would make the crease between the back of your thigh and buttocks less distinct which would not enhance buttock shape.

Hope this was helpful.


Best Liposuction Method

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Many years ago, a master Plastic Surgeon (M. Gasparotti) was performing surgery in Florida which was broadcast live into an auditorium seating over a thousand Plastic surgeons.

During the procedure, this master virtuoso of liposuction was asked what liposuction tubes (cannula) he was using. When he demonstrated his beat up, worn out suction tubes, many in the crowd burst out laughing. But the point was made - a great tool is nice to have BUT more important than the tool are the brain and hands that guide it.

An inexperienced Family doctor holding the latest equipment is NO match to a seasoned board certified Plastic surgeons ( Just EVEN if played tennis with the greatest and newest racket, I will soundly be humiliated if I faced an aging McEnroe / Borg or Sampras playing against me with a frying pan.

I think (not so) Smart Lipo is a marketing humbug which despite being out for years has yet to prove any of its claims. While I prefer to use the VASER / Liposelection using tumescent solution, I have seen nice results by colleagues who use PAL and traditional liposuction.

Remember - ITSS (It's the surgeon, stupid) (With apologies to 1992 Carville - Clinton)

Dr. P. Aldea

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Body contouring with Liposuction

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From the sounds of it, liposuction would be a great option for you. The important thing to remember is not to fall victim to marketing. Any type of liposuction in the right hands would likely be helpful and achieve your goals.

Most of the different types of liposuction to which you refer sre small tweaks to a standard, well proven technique. You have to remember, each company that comes out with equipment for liposuction needs to try and stand out against their competition. Laser liposuction, ultrasonic liposuction, and power liposuction are all variances on hardware that can be used.

Unfortunately there are plenty of non-qualified practitioners and these are the situations that you do need to avoid. Make sure the person who is doing your liposuction isexperienced, and well-trained. You'll want to go to a real plastic surgeon.

Liposuction and buttocks

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Liposuction can be performed on the buttock region to give a great result. I do not think any one specific form of lipo is really better than another.  

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Best method of liposuction for square butt

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It is best to review the work and experience of your Plastic Surgeon and Liposuction specialist when making a decision on liposuction. There are many approaches but traditional and power-assist are the gold standard. Each surgeon is seeking the safest, most rapid, and the best system to deliver stunning results for his patients. The marketing success of so many clever and well intentioned systems may exceed their effectiveness in the patient seeking a comprehensive session of fat suctioning. Often the newer methods such as laser-assisted liposuction are designed for small limited sessions, when in our Practice, consumers are seeking a broader contouring such as the hips, thighs, lower back, and abdomen. Some surgeons perform body contouring in several stages, although most consumers just want a single session in our opinion.
There is no scientific data to suggest superlative results with one or another method. Most surgeons who have invested in the latest technologies will, I believe, select their patients carefully, and often combine two different methods, such as suction with ultrasonic. Tenacious (tough fat) areas can be treated better with some of the latest methods but this is for the benefit of the surgeon. Most technologies have, therefore been developed to ease the burden of stress on the arms of the surgeon in tough anatomic zones. Often a Practice likes to introduce a new technology, but it is the consumer who will decide how they look after the intervention, no matter how high-tech the tools may be. It is the skill of the operator that influences the outcome in all cases.
We glean more experience and judgment as we see consumers of various body shapes, fat consistency, and age. The body also reacts differently to liposuction particularly in women, whose body physiology changes during their maturity. A key selection parameter is whether the suction will tighten or just make the skin appear loose. Results are best seen in patients who are in good health.
A SQUARE BUTTOCKS may be shaped on the edges to create two round mounds, but if the tissues have dropped to create a square hanging look, then perhaps a saddle lift to contour the inside of the buttocks may be suggested. For a pure flat square buttocks, i have found this very successful, although it is not commonly performed.

SADDLE LIFT (patient had previous liposuction performed elsewhere leaving a square buttocks). No fault implied, but rarely, the buttocks can fall even with good liposuction of the buttocks area).

Donn Hickman, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

Caution with Lipo on banana roll

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As most of the plastic surgeons here say repetetively, it isn't the technique or technology it is the surgeon. The smartest lipo is the one done by an experienced surgeon, not the one with the most expensive ad campaign or latest laser. Experienced plastic surgeons will tell you to be very cautious about lipo on the banana roll. Not that it can't be done, but think of it as the top of a column that is holding up your butt. Remove it and the butt sags, recreating a new banana roll only with an even saggier bottom. Often it is some counterintuitive things that are the most helpful, like adding fat to the upper part of the butt for a little bit of lift. It all depends on your individual situation, varying according to skin tone, bone & muscle shape, and of course fat distribution.

Richard Baxter, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon
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