How to Make Sure Markings Before Liposuction Are Accurate?

How can I be sure markings will be accurate to correct my situation? During my previous Smart Lipo MPX , the office girl literally just drew one circle around the areas, yet I see on websites that markings look like bull's eyes with patterns. Can Liposuction be done standing up somehow to ensure I get corrected, and that the legs get shaped to match each other? Should I ask to have all wounds left open and not sutured up to help with swelling and drainage?

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Board certified plastic surgeons are trained to do accurate liposuction markings

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Hi! That a pretty hair raising story. But I always say that SmartLipo is just a gimmick.

In New York City, I personally spend a lot of time on the markings, because you are right that they are crucial. I leave all the wounds open, but leave this decision up to a surgeon whom you trust. And you don't have to be standing up to get a great symmetrical result.

See the link below for a board certified plastic surgeon near you.

Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

Liposuction markings

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Markings for liposuction are done to guide the surgeon with the liposuction. Surgeons vary in their markings (the bullseye markings are very common) but the goal is the same. When a patient lies on the table, the anatomy changes significantly. Thus, the markings can be very important. Liposuction of the legs can be performed in the standing position but that would require light sedation (or local) so that the patient could stand up and would need to be cleared by both the surgeon and the anesthesiologist. Leaving wounds open is at the surgeon's discretion. Either open or closed, the fluid is eventually absorbed by the body.

Louis DeLuca, MD
Palm Beach Plastic Surgeon
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Go to someone who doesn't have 'their girl' do the markings and knows what they are doing!

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You have hit the nail on thead when you said that something doesn't seem right here. Now, as opposed to the doctors who would say to go to this or that specialty, I would say that you need to go to someone who actually knows what they are doing, has a great (not just good) reputation in their area, has plenty of photographs of patient before and afters and does the markings themselves.

As for doing them standing, etc: If you go to a plastic surgeon, most likely your liposuction is going to be done under sedation. When you are sedated, muscle tone will change and you won't know what and where the fat is in the same way as when you are awake. That is why tumescent liposuction (where you are awake and in the proper position) is the best. Typically, this is most likely to be performed by a dermatologist as the technique was developed by a dermatologist.

Your point about who to go to and how they do the preoperative is one of the most insightful and helpful comments I have seen yet in this arena. Good luck!

Joel Schlessinger, MD
Omaha Dermatologic Surgeon
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