Normal To Be Getting Liposuction Under Local Anesthesia with Fat Transfer?

I am having lipo under local anesth in 11 days with fat transfer to the Im skinny, but no waist, fat is only on the waist. I am 5'4 and 122 lbs. I am geeting lipo in the front abdomen and back.He is not a plastic surgeon. He is a doctor in internal medicine, member of the board of antiaging, member f the academy of cosmetic surgery, with over 4000 zones done in lipo. Lots of experience in slimlipo, but he told me for fat transfer he tumescent lipo to get the fatthen slimlipo.

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Normal To Be Getting Liposuction Under Local Anesthesia with Fat Transfer?

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Hi, Thank you for your question.  I am a board certified Plastic Surgeon and I do about 98% of my lipo cases under local.  this includes our fat transfer to buttocks or breasts.  However, we use the Body Jet in our practice instead of tumescent lipo.  We get less bleeding and the fat is removed gentler than with traditional lipo.  In addition, the Body Jet has a Lipo Collector that separates the fat from the fluid as we do the lipo and we are ready to transfer the fat back as soon as we are done with the lipo.

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The right anesthesia for a Brazilian butt lift

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Thank you for your question! This is one of the most common questions that we receive here in our practice. As you know, a Brazilian butt lift is a multipart procedure that involves liposuction to multiple areas to collect the fat, separation of this fat from the liposuction fluid and cell debris, and then using this healthy tissue to sculpt your new curves. The resulting butt lift can create beautiful results in skinny patients although it can be more challenging. In a skinny patient, I found that sometimes it is a little more difficult to find and remove fat from these smaller body compartments. This usually means that we have to be more thorough and little more aggressive in cases such as yours. I only perform the surgery in surgery centers and the patient may choose to have any level of anesthesia that they need all for the same price. My first goal in any surgery is the patient safety and comfort. To ensure that the patient keeps the curves and the full round shape that we create, I think that it is essential to graft the fat as small droplets throughout the gluteal muscles. This means that during the procedure we have to poke this muscle multiple times which can be uncomfortable for the patient. For this reason, a deeper level of anesthesia such as sedation or general anesthesia is recommended.

Always keep in mind that your doctor should not only have experience in one procedure but in the full array of body contouring that you may need. This experience is essential when the doctor evaluates you and when he recommends the best treatment for you. Always be sure to check your doctors qualifications. Asked the doctor if he or she can perform the same procedure in a hospital setting if you chose to do so. Then confirm with the hospital if this is the case. Even though the procedure may not be done in a hospital, this is a quick and easy way for patient to check the credentials of their doctor. If the hospital does not trust them to do the procedure, you should ask yourself if you really should. When receiving plastic surgery, your best bet is to work with an experienced plastic surgeon that is board-certified by the American Board of plastic surgery as they will have the knowledge and expertise to give you beautiful result of more importantly to return you home to your family and loved ones safely.

Non Plastic Surgeons Doing Liposuction = Danger

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My recommendation is simple: Life is short, It is never worth it to take the chance by going to a doctor that is not even a surgeon much less a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. This can be dangerous and is never recommended. To find the #BestPlasticSurgeon in your area for liposuction, see the below link. Dr. Nichter

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