Liposuction on Knees Cause an All-over Reaction?

I had a pocket of fat above my knees which never got any better. Had tumescent lipo done last Thursday followed by the new Ultherapy (ultrasound) kind of like the thermage system immediately after my procedure. I'm still fairly swollen, but felt pretty good right afterward. Have probably done too much - but my question is - I feel really puffy in my belly & actually in my stomach area. Is this all over fullness due to the trauma from the lipo reacting all over? It's crazy!

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Liposuction on the knees should not affect other areas

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Since a very small amount of anesthetic is injected into the knees when doing liposuction, and a very small amount of fat is removed, there shouldn't be a change in the fat in other areas  However, if you were taking an antibiotic during the procedure, it possibly could be the culprit for giving you a puffy stomach.

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Liposuction and affects on distant sites

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While I suppose it is possible to feel swollen in the abdomen after liposuction of the knees it is highly unlikley related. Bloating may be possible if you are taking pain medications which can slow down the gi tract.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Liposuction on knees cause an all-over reaction

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It is possible but not probable. Go see the surgeon and your medical doctor to examine this issue if not better in a few days.

From MIAMI Dr. B

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