Lump After Liposuction of Knees and Thighs

hi i had liposuction on my knees and inner and outer thighs 12 weeks ago. most of the swelling has gone but half way down my inner thighs a large lump about 2 inches in diamater is really noticable went back to see surgeon today who really upset me saying lipo can cause contour deformalities i cant expect miracles and got to live with it. The lump was not there b4 my op i asked whether this was fat not removed but was told the lump is just my skin which has not retracted she could try and remove the lump but would cost me again im so upset do you think she made error

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Lump after liposuction can be corrected.


We don't charge a surgical fee for revisions.  But the patient does pay the cost of the operating room and the anesthesia.  When I am the surgeon, if a lump appears after surgery that wasn't there before, I take responsibility for it.

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Lump after lipsosuction

if there is a significant localized lump after liposuction, it could represent retained fat, a seroma or hematoma, or localized swelling. Some surgeons might charge a facility fee to take you back to the operating room as the staff and overhead has to be paid, and the surgeon obtains no financial benefit from the procedure. Your lump which appears focal, might be easily treated with syringe liposuction which can reduce the costs of the procedure. If all the rest looks great it would be ashame not to treat this one area. If you wait a few months to make sure all of this is not a temporary swelling, then you might return again to your surgeon to rediscuss your condition.

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