Can Liposuction Be Done on the Knees?

I am a physically active and trim woman in my mid-twenties. I have the body type that always has a small waist and flat tummy, but carries fat in the buttocks, thighs, and legs. I am a runner, which helps form muscle definition under the leg fat for a leaner look.

The problem is with my knees, an impossible area to spot tone. I have flabbiness on the sides and over the kneecap. I am interested in seeking liposuction for this, but I have been told that lipo on the knees is not possible or effective. I hope that is not true! Any comments on this?

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Careful liposuction can give very nice results on knees

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It is almost routine to do liposuction on the medial knee when doing liposuction on the medial thigh. I have found that with very careful technique and smaller suction cannulas very nice result can be obtained not only on the medial knee but also on the anterior knee above the knee cap and some small areas just lateral to this area. This can give a very nice tapered look to a some what stubby knee. Make sure you choose a surgeon with a good deal of experience with this who can show you before and after pictures. This is a difficult area and can result in contour irregularities.

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Liposuction only the medial knees

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The medial knees respond nicely to liposuction. The anterior knees don't respond well and the skin can look terrible. Best to be conservative with liposuction.

The inner side of the knees can be done

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There is often a fat pad along the inner aspect of the knees that is very readily removed with liposuction.  Other than that, the rest of the knee doesn't respond well and can result in wrinkly skin.

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