Liposuction or Kenalog Injections for Scar Tissue on the Cheek?

I had too much restalyne injected in my cheeks in one visit 5 years ago, which caused my cheek area to develop hard (thick) scar tissue, It is a very rare case but too much retalyne injected at once can cause the body to deveop scar tissue. since then ive had kenlog injetions but the resuts were barely visible, Is there a kind of Liposuction that is proven to work on scar tissue? I heared about one called: Micro power air cannule? Plz advice..Thank You

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Hardness in cheeks

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the reaction you developed is extremely rare. was it possibly a reaction to a subclnical infection? I would hesitate against using liposuction as this might stimulate more scarring.

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