Liposuction Incision Scars

I don't like the symmetry of the Liposuction scars because they obviously look like surgical scars. How do plastic surgeons choose Liposuction incision sites?. Is it possible to make different incisions other than the ones that are common?

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Liposuction incisions

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Generally, the incisions are very small and placed in hidden areas. Sometimes, depending on the area, the incisions cannot be hidden. In these situations, I think you make a great point. Many surgeons (myself included) think that symmetric scars are a tell-tale sign of liposuction and place them in a staggered fashion so that they are not as noticeable. I think this is one situation where symmetry (of the incision placement) is bad.

Great question

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You have picked up on one of the side effects of standard liposuction treatment. Usually ,incision placement is based on where the liposuction is performed and what needs to be done to access these areas and where the incisions can be placed so they are hidden, as in creases or folds or previous scars. However, scars that are visible can certainly be a telltale sign for the exact reasons you mentions. People are quite knowledgeable about cosmetic surgery and scars can tip off observers. Some scars of the abdomen can look like you are victim of a shooting or knife attack. Your suggestion of staggering or randomly placing incisions in asymmetrical locations is one I take to heart because, in the end, a patient doesn't usually want others to know someone had worked on them.

Robin T.W. Yuan, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Why Symmetric Liposuctions Scars are not preferable

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I think your question is excellent. In fact one of my patients, an engineer, many years ago brought this to my attention. Ever since then I do not make visible scars symmetrical unless they can be really hidden well. In fact, it is much easier to not make scars symmetrical because if you are right or left handed you would be approaching the same anatomic area in opposite directions when you  go to the other side of the bed. Rather, surgeons often are creatures of habit and since they were trained to make symmetrical scars many continue to do that instinctively.                                                                                                                                                   Here is some general information about Incisions sites for liposuction. They are typically very small and made in stealth areas - that is hidden as much as possible. For example inside the belly button, umbilicus, to approach the upper and lower abdomen, just at the pubic hair line for the lower tummy and pubis area, in the groin crease for the inside of the thighs (medial thighs), at the gluteal, buttock, crease for the lower back, in the breast crease for the fat beneath your arm (lateral chest wall), in the crease below your chin for liposuction of the neck. I also like to place them at the edge of a tattoo or in an existing scar (for example C-Section or appendectomy, or mole removal scar) so that they are hidden.

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