Is This Too Much Liposuction in One Day?

I am 140 lbs and 5ft 2inches tall. I had always had fat around my belly even when i weigh 103 lbs. I wanted an hour glass shape. I want liposuction done to my upper and lower abdomen, flank, waist, bra rolls, lower back, upper arms, buffalo hump and have at least 500cc fat transfer to my butt and 150cc transfer to my hip. I was wondering if this is too much liposuction in one day and is it safe for this to be done at once. Thank you for your response.

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Maximum amount of lipo in one day

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The maximum volume of liposuction that can be performed in one day is 5L.  If these areas are rather small, it may be worth it have all of these areas treated.  You would need a consultation to determine the best way to maximize the amount of fat excision.

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Not Too Much Liposuction at Once for Brazilian Buttlift

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   I perform up to 4 Brazilian buttlifts in a day, and all of these things sound reasonable.  I can usually do this in about 2 hrs or less with general anesthesia.  At your height and weight, I can likely liposuction 5 liters and transfer more than the numbers you have suggested, although transferring less is obviously not a problem.  Find the plastic surgeon with ELITE credentials who performs hundreds of Brazilian buttlifts each year.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

How much lipo is too much?

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The procedure you're planning would take me about 31/2 hours with general anesthesia. It is a lot of areas to put to sleep with local anesthesia and I would suggest dividing it up if you want to be awake. You need to have a physical before the procedure to clear you medically. It may involve lab tests or an EKG depending on your age and condition.

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Liposuction Safety Dependent on Many Factors

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Thank you for your question.  Liposuction safety depends on many factors including your health status, facility, observation status, medications used, fluid management, volume removed and experience of surgeon.  Having said that, it is common to liposuction several areas to to transfer fat.  If you are having more than 5 liters removed you should have the procedure done in a hospital and stay overnight for observation.   Consider discussing your safety concerns further with your surgeon. All the best.

Safe Amount Of Liposuction In One Procedure

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Given your relatively small body frame, that is a lot of areas but probably not a lot ot total volume aspirate. So it does not appear to be a question of safety. Whether you will have enough fat, after it is concentrated, to inject both your buttocks and hips, is another question however. You would have to do all those areas to get enough volume for injection so it is perfectly logical to redistribute whatever can be aspirated.

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