Liposuction for 65 Year Old Man Who Has Trouble Walking?

Hi, My dad is in India. He weighs 300+ pounds. He has hard time walking because of Lymphedema which he is getting treated but because of that he has hard time walking. So the Dr suggested to improve his walking, he should get the Liposuction done. The excess weight is in Stomach, hips area. He is a healthy man other than the leg problem. My question is Will there be huge side effects after the surgery for his age? Also, Is it safe for him to undergo this surgery? Thanks!

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Inappropriate candidates for liposuction

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From your description, liposuction would be a terrible idea for your dad.  Liposuction is not a means of weight loss and can be VERY dangerous when used as such.  Additionally, it can worsen the lymphadema and cause some systemic illnesses in a patient with the issues that your father suffers from.  His age is not a problem but his overall condition does not make him a good lipo candidate.  Sorry!

Liposuction in 65 YO with Lymphedema and Ambulation Problems

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   Liposuction in a 65 year old with ambulation problems and lymphedema issues would not appear to be a great candidate for liposuction due to increased risk for blood clot in his legs.  However, an exam and a full medical workup would be needed to properly answer this question.

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