Extreme Pain After 2 Liposuction Sessions

I had two Liposuction procedures within one week on my back and sides 11 weeks ago. I am still in extreme pain for majority of the time. I am unable to work or take care of myself. I am becoming psychologically worn out from this debilitation. I was told that I would miss 3-4 days of work. What is wrong and who do I go to for help?

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Extreme pain after Liposuction is unusual

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Significant pain after liposuction is unusual, but it is known that patients appreciate pain differently. I would see your surgeon to get examined and to figure if something might be going wrong with the healing. Pain like you describe this far out from surgery is virtually unheard of in the usual liposuction case.

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Pain after Liposuction

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Make sure you go and see your surgeon about the pain.  You may be experiencing a build up of fluid or infection that could be causing your pain.  If so, their treatment should help with the pain. 

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