Liposuction or excision for axillary fat? Which is best?

I had a BR 11 weeks ago, but my surgeon didn't remove my axillary fat. They are huge lumps that seem so much huger now that my breasts are smaller. Would excision or lipo be better to remove it, given that I'm not concerned about scarring? I also want to remove a little of my upper arm fat - would that be possible with excision? My surgeon says I might have loose skin after lipo, but that the recovery time for excision is much longer. Totally confused. Thanks for your advice!

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Axillary fat is often breast tissue and may require direct excision.

The axillary tail of the breast expands into the armpit. Depending on the composition, fat versus glandular tissue, treatment may vary. In my experience excision is more often necessary.

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Excise or suction???

Lateral chest rolls are quite common after reductions and if you were overweight, even more so.  If you lost a lot of weight, then you must have some component of excess skin and  in this scenario, excision with possible liposuction will be needed.  If you are just full and skin quality good, and my patient, I would suggest liposuction first and then see if the skin needed to still be removed.  So the answer is 'it depends' on what we are starting with.  You should be able to discuss all of the pros and cons with your surgeon and reach an agreeable plan.

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