Smart Lipo or Cool Lipo for Correcting Dents?

I had liposuction on hips, butt, and knees done twice because the surgeon wasn't happy with his job. The cannula took what I call gashes of fat and left my body with dents. Will Smart Lipo or Cool Lipo help contour these dimples/dents in my butt, legs, and knees? Which technique would you suggest? I have a muscular built with thick legs. Yes, I have excess fat, but not huge amounts. I am a 46 year old female, never smoked cigarettes nor did drugs. Thanks.

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Consider a Non-Invasive Approach Post-Smart Lipo

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At this point in your care, you need to perhaps consider staying away from the liposuction doctor who took care of you — unless you are convinced that he is the best thing ever — two times and still not right is not the norm.  And I might not do another invasive procedure either. Find someone, a board-certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon, who can discuss with you various radiofrequency (RF) treatments that may smooth over the areas that have been treated. A variety of RF devices can be used here — VelaShapeIII, Venus Legacy, EndyMed 3Deep, Exilis, Accent or VShape, and several others. A series of these treatments may help more than another invasive procedure.

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I recommend you change your approach...

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Hi there-

You didn't specify which technique was used in your first procedure, which left you with the dents and irregularities you are unhappy with, but your question raises several concerns in my mind.

Most importantly, it concerns me that despite the fact that you have experienced a poor outcome from one body contouring procedure, that you are still interested in selecting a corrective procedure based on the machine the surgeon would use.

Having had a bad outcome, you should understand better than most that the outcome really depends on the surgeon holding the tool, NOT the machine itself. An experienced and skilled surgeon certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery will be able to deliver reliably good outcomes regardless of the machine in their hands- conversely, even with the best tools, an unskilled and poorly trained provider will not be able to give you a good outcome.

In my region, most providers of "Smartlipo" or "Cool lipo" are NOT board certified plastic surgeons, but eye doctors or gynecologists who "learned" how to do liposuction in a weekend or over a month with the salesman from the company. These devices have never been shown to be more effective than the technology we already had, claims of skin tightening (beyond what is seen with other, safer and less expensive options) has never been substantiated, and the fact that the laser tip burns whatever you point it at make these options LESS favorable in my mind. And bear in mind that as a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, I am able to use whatever tool I think is best for my patient's outcomes.

If you want to avoid further dissatisfaction, I would forget the idea that you should be looking for a particular technique or machine, and instead start looking for the right surgeon. Remember- it's the artist, NOT his brushes, that creates the art!

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