Correcting Liposuction Dent on Thigh?

I had Liposuction performed on my outer thighs bout 3 weeks ago. I have recently noticed a sort of "dent" under my butt. I am assuming this is due to excess fat removed during my procedure. How can this be fixed? I have heard of fat grafting, but I am a pretty petite woman and do not necessarily have anywhere to take more fat from. What are my other options?

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I would recommend fat grafting at least 6 months post-liposuction. in a petite person where its difficult to harvest the fat from its best to do the procedure in 2 or more sessions

Liposuction irregularity can usually be corrected.

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Be optimistic and do nothing for six months. If you still have a dent then, it can probably be fixed with a little fat injection. You only need a small amount of fat.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

Fat Grafting for Liposuction Correction

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Liposuction results typically require 1-3 months depending on the technique used and your postoperative regimen. However, I would wait a full 6 months prior to any revisions or touch-ups with additional liposuction or fat grafting. This allows for the tissue to recover, your final swelling to subside, and your skin to tighten. At that point, usually only minimal fat grafting is required (and we can usually find some fat even on petite women). I recommend that you speak with your surgeon first and let them know about your concerns, in order to develop a plan to achieve your goal.

Luis Zapiach, MD
Paramus Plastic Surgeon

Way too early to judge liposuction result

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It is still way to early to judge and make any final judgements. Although you may be correct, give it time. Gently massage the area if it's OK with your surgeon.

In the event you would need lipo injection, it is best to wait until the area is soft and supple. This will not likely require much fat.

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