Lumpy Area and Dark Stitch Marks After Lipo

I have lumpy area and dark stitch marks after Liposuction. What can I do about this? Preferrably NOT a second Lipo.

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Tips to improve the look of you liposuction scars

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All scars take at least a full year to fully heal, fade and mature. Sun exposure during this first year can lead to permanent color particular darkening of the scars known as hyperpigmentation. To help lighten the scars, you may try:

1) Bleaching with HYDROQUINONE CREAM

2) Laser treatments with IPL (Intensed Pulsed Light) or FOTOFACIAL laser.

For thick scars: Careful injection with a steroid liquid (i.e Kenalog) is effective.

For irregularities in your fat after liposuction: Accent RFA non-surgical treatments.

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Dark Scars after Lipo

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The dark scars can be a result of tanning them when they are in the maturing phase, which can last up to a year. Scars take a long time to mature, and may still improve for even 1-2 years. Before that, scar revision is not a good idea, and they should be kept out of the sun. As for the lump, it may need a minor revision, but it is also wisest to wait a full year before doing this, because of the internal scar maturation process.

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