Will Liposuction Create a Lumps & Bumps Look on Me?

I am 5'6" and fluctuate between 95-105 lbs.I have a skinny upper body and a not so skinny lower body which looks a bit disproportional because I have saddlebags(meaning i have a not very perky butt and because of that my thighs look bigger) and my calves are fatty.I want smartlipo to remove that fat(lower butt,outer/inner thighs,calves)but i read that when too little fat is left lipo causes a lumpy/bumpy appearence and i don't want that for sure.will this happen to me?

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Avoid contour irregularity with Liposuction

Contour irregularity (lumps and bumps) is an unfortunate but highly preventable complication of liposuction.  It can be avoided in most cases if the following rules are adhered to.   First, liposuction is not a weight loss operation and should be avoided in patients who are obese and want to use liposuction to lose weight.  Liposuction is rather a "sculping" procedure designed to carefully and precisely remove fat in discrete places which are resistant to diet and exercise.  In women these areas are usually the arms, abdomen, love handles/flanks, lateral thighs (saddlebags), circumferential thighs, and knees. 

The technique varies from surgeon to surgeon but always begins with careful preoperative marking in the standing position.  High points and low points (points of tissue adherence) are identified and carefully marked.  In surgery, the access incisions which are less than 1.0cm in size are carefully placed to conceal the incision but allow good access to the fat.  Tumescent solution containing numbing medication (lidocaine) and adrenaline (epinephrine) is then injected to help with discomfort and bruising.  This solution should be allowed to percolate in the tissue for about 20 minutes before beginning liposuction.

The liposuction technique is done using the small diameter cannula to avoid removing the fat too quickly.  The area being treated is constantly being assessed.  The amount of fat and tumescent solution is carefully measured so that the same amount is removed on both sides of the body.  It is also important to stay deep within the fat and not liposuction too close to the skin.  Removing too much fat or removing fat too close to the skin can result in a lumpy result and should be avoided.

After surgery, it is important to wear a compression garment for a minimum of two weeks so that constant pressure is applied to the skin which will need to re contour to the underlying muscle.  Gentle massage is started at about a week and slowly increased to deeper tissue massage as the patient heals.  This massage will soften underlying scar tissue and help with tissue feel and swelling.

In summary, proper patient selection, proper technique, and proper post liposuction care can optimize your result and prevent contour irregularity.

Dallas Plastic Surgeon
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Go to a very skilled physician and you can obtain smooth results

If you go to a very skilled liposuction surgeon, you have a much higher change of smooth results.  They should be a board-certified plastic surgeon or dermatologist, and have a lot of experience with liposuction / liposculpture.  

Mitchel P. Goldman, MD
San Diego Dermatologic Surgeon
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Smooth liposuction results

Unless you have skin with poor elasticity, it is quite possible for you to obtain smooth results from liposuction. Make sure that you go to a board-certified plastic surgeon who is skilled at liposuction.

David Stoker, MD
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Lumps and bumps are seen more commonly in old-traditional liposuction under general anesthesia or inexperienced docs.

There are a lot less problems with lumps and bumps in liposuction when you go to an experienced doc who is doing the lipo under local tumescent anesthesia and using the micro canulas.  It tends to be alittle more expensive but the results are so worth it.  Any doc can do a good job in their own style and technique of liposuction if they specialize in it.  Even Smart lipo docs can get some decent results but as you research about it, it is not universal and fewer docs are seeing good results with the laser lipos than we initially thought. If you feel comfortable with your doc and he/she has great results with other patients, then trust their judgement.


David Hansen,MD  

David Hansen, MD
Beverly Hills Dermatologic Surgeon
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Liposuction will not fix any surface problems but should not make any more or make them worse

The original liposuction technique was done dry, with out fluid injected, and with large bore canulas. The results were as you would expect, removal of large areas of fat but with a significant cost in surface irregularities. 

Over the years improvements is techniques have led to much better and natural appearing results. By instilling the areas to undergo liposuction with ringers lactate, xylocaine, and epinephrine, using much smaller bore canulas, and understanding the anatomy of the skin, superficial and deep fat compartments we get much better results which usually don't have lumps and bumps. Your surgeon much be able to draw the area of intended liposuction with a topographical marking to determine the location and amount of fat to be removed. Over resection can lead to depressions, superficial liposuction can result in surface irregularities. Both should be minimal or non existent. In the hands of a board certified plastic surgeon with a wealth of experience, you should have a great result. The body shape you described of yourself is the ideal candidate for well performed liposuction with out lumps and bumps

Carl W. "Rick" Lentz III, MD
Orlando Plastic Surgeon
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