How to Find Liposuction Correction or Revision Expert for Men?

What's the correct term for searching for a Dr. who specializes in fixing past problems? And, how can I find a Dr. who has more experience with men?

It doesn't help sifting through Before and After pics of Women and reading through services clearly targeted to 1 gender or that barely mention men at all.

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Lipo expert for man

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Liposuction correction sometimes requires fat transfers for correction. I would look for someone who performs a lot of fat transfers as opposed to someone who specializes in men, although I understand your perspective. The most important thing is finding someone who performs a lot of lipo revisions. In NYC I would suggest a consult with Dr. Sydney Coleman, although there are many others as well. Hope this helps.

Tracy M. Pfeifer, MD, MS

Manhattan Plastic Surgeon
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It doesn't make any difference

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I am not aware of plastic surgeons who limit their practice to men. Most plastic surgeons operate on more women because women have a lot more plastic surgery.

There are anatomic differences between men and women that influence operative choices, on occasion. Liposuction is not really one of them. Any good plastic surgeon should be able to give you a good result if you are a suitable candidate.

If you want to see a liposuction gallery dedicated to men, click on the link below.

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