Best Liposuction Procedure for Reduction of Calves and Ankles?

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Liposuction with TINY cannulas best for calves and ankles.

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In the calves and ankles, it is easy to get irregularities after liposution. The way to avoid this is to do tumescent liposuction with very very small cannulas, from two different directions.

Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

Calves and ankle liposuction

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There is no one best liposuction procedure for the calves and ankles. In fact, it is my general advice that due to the nerves, and vessels in these areas that you consider avoiding the use of more powerful liposuction techniques sucn as PAL, UAL, or LAL

I would agree that small bore cannula liposuction is beast suited for this area.

Swelling can persist for a prolonged period postobperatively.

Seek a consulation with an experienced surgeon.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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