Is It Better to Have Liposuction and then a Lift Instead of the Breast Reduction Surgery?

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Is It Better to Have Liposuction and then a Lift Instead of the Breast Reduction Surgery?

Whether liposuction can be carried out on breasts depends on how much of the breast is adipose tissue (fat) and how much is breast tissue.  This can usually be determined by clinical examination and by mammography.  Not all breasts are amenable to liposuction because if the breasts consist mostly of breast tissue which is dense and glandular liposuction will not be effective.

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Is It Better to Have Liposuction and then a Lift Instead of the Breast Reduction Surgery?

That is a great question, but the answer depends entirely on your specific anatomy. Breast volume is composed of both fat and true breast tissue. Both are removed during a reduction, but only fat is removed with liposuction. If the percent of the breast comprised of fat is enough, AND your skin is youthful enough to contract with the reduced volume you can get an excellent result with liposuction with only two tiny scars. It obviously would take an exam to determine if your case is one that could be handled with liposuction instead of surgery. Find a surgeon that is comfortable with either procedure and he will be able to answer this for you.

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Lipo can change a reduction into a lift

A lift removes skin and raises the breast tissue on the chest wall, creating a younger shape. A reduction removes breast volume, and is usually combined with a lift. Volume can be removed directly (traditional) or with liposuction (newer technique). The ability to reduce the breast with lipo depends on the fatty content of the breast compared to denser breast tissue, which is resistant to lipo. Sometimes lipo will get the job done alone, other times lipo must be combined with direct removal of breast tissue. Occasionally, when the skin is not that stretched, lipo alone followed by skin shrinkage can provide a nice result, but this is more rare since most patients have loose skin. In my opinion, when the breast can be reduced with lipo there is better circulation to the nipple and less loss of sensation. Usually you would do the lipo with the lift at the same time, not two different surgeries.

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The outcome of your Breast Reduction will depend more on your choice of surgeon than on your choice of procedure

Hi there-

Please don't make the mistake of searching for the "right" procedure... Your energy and time should more productively be spent finding the very best SURGEON you can, based on his education, training, experience, reputation, and outcomes.

Once you've found the very best surgeon you can- carefully discuss your goals and trust them to help you get there.

You're much better off choosing the best human being and then letting them guide you rather than trying to identify a procedure and then finding someone willing to do it on you- this backwards approach is much more likely to result in a less than ideal outcome and your unhappiness...

Is It Better to Have Liposuction and then a Lift Instead of the Breast Reduction Surgery?

That is a difficult question to answer without photos.  Liposuction and a lift could have some advantages, but would not be covered by your insurance company. 

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