Liposuction and Brazilian Butt Augmentation for Someone That Has Never Been Pregnant?

Hello all! I am 28, 5'1", 120 lbs and do not have any kids. My measurements are 33-26-37. I WANT to have a smaller waist and a bigger booty. I'm all hips! I am concerned about my weight... Do i have enough fat to make a difference? I like to be wide but feel that although I do have a belly, it won't be enough to give me volume on my rear end, which I want. Also, the skin suffers when undergoing lipo, what's gonna happen when it shrinks and then has to strech out during pregnancy?

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Brazilian butt lift and pregnancy

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Only with a physical exam, it will be possible to answer all your questions. Now, based on your current weight and proportions, you don’t have enough fat to increase the size of your buttocks to make a noticeable difference, and you will need to gain weight to about 135-140 lbs. This will provide enough fat to sculpt your buttocks. In addition, if you have no hips, then, a fat transfer to the hips will improve your proportions and results.

The effects of pregnancy on the female figure and skin depends on multiple factors, and only God knows with certainty if your skin will return to its previous form. Typically, there is some degree of sagginess, and there are different options to correct post pregnancy deformities.

Brazilian butt lift and pregnancy

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Liposuction and fat injection does not cause any problems with future pregnancy. After liposuction the abdominal wall fascia and abdominal wall skin will stretch to accommodate the baby. It's a tummy tuck where the muscles in the abdomen are placated that may causes problems with future pregnancy not liposuction.

In most of my patients want as much change in the buttocks as possible and I usually use all the available fat. Thin patients also do well with the Brazilian butt lift.

The liposuction plays a major role in how the buttocks looks. If you create a narrow waist the buttocks looks bigger and better. The narrow waist creates a curvy figure. The other part of the puzzle is that liposuction is not a weight loss procedure. Once you remove fat cells from the abdomen and waist the calories that would've gotten stored there will have to be stored somewhere else in most of my patients that the buttocks. In my patients who've had tummy tucks and liposuction without fat injection the buttocks looks bigger after surgery and some of this may be due to the shifting storage location from the abdomen to the buttocks.



Performing the Brazilian Butt Lift on someone who has never been pregnant?

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While the Brazilian Butt Lift using fat transplantation is thew treatment of choice for buttock enhancement the main limitation is having enough donor fat. Judging from your limited photos it is questionable whether you are a candidate for the procedure. My recommendation to you is to be examined by a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon with extensive experience in buttock augmentation. Only then would you know whether you can undergo the procedure. Good luck!

Candidacy for Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery can Only be Determined on Exam

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Hi there-

If I have leaned anything over the years that I have been performing the Brazilian Butt Augmentation procedure, it is that some people who may look like they are good candidates will have disappointing results and others who look, at first blush, like they may not be good candidates, end up with spectacular results.

In other words, for this procedure the in-person examination is critical in understanding the patient's anatomy and what might be possible for her.

Your best bet is to visit with a good surgeon with a lot of experience in this technique.

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