Liposuction or Alternatives (Better Pics)

 I'm 35. My hips/butt are always super tone. 5 2-117lbs. Average weight=110. Gained 35 lbs in 1 yr on antidepressants, pooch is worse and now muffin top. Lost weight from phentermine-cant take more than 2 mos-diets didnt work. No kids, but someday. I have since had to turn down Playboy/other nat press cuz they only saw old pics. Lipo seems drastic--would alternatives work (seem 2 get mixed results)? A consult I went on suggested tum lipo at a quote of $4200. Any advice?

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Choose Liposuction Over Non-Surgical Options

The best candidates for liposuction are individuals with more localized fat deposits, who are near their ideal body weight. Often these are patients who have fatty areas that are resistant to diet and exercise.

Your pictures show that you have excess fat in the abdomen and flank with good skin tone; these are favorable for achieving a good result with liposuction. You should expect a nice result, and your abdomen should be much more proportionate to your hips and butt. The price quoted seems reasonable for the liposuction you require.

There are several devices on the market that offer non-surgical treatment of fat. These devices may work in some individuals, but not in all and the results are therefore inconsistent. In addition, none of them have been compared to liposuction in controlled scientific studies. I often feel there is more to the marketing of these devices than the actual results.

You mention some weight fluctuations in the past. I don’t know your current lifestyle, but a healthy diet and regular exercise has overall long-term health benefits, and may allow you to lose some weight before surgery. Such a lifestyle will also help you to more easily maintain the results you achieve with surgery.

Best wishes.

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Lipo Alternatives

There are various non-surgical methods - ultrasound, radiofrequency, cooling, which claim to be equivalent to liposuction.  However, none are even close the the results that you can obtain with liposuction.  In fact, with many of the non-surgical claims, it is difficult to see any difference at all.  The cost of liposuction varies from city to city and doctor to doctor.  $4200 in Chicago seems reasonable.  


Good Luck.

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Liposuction- who is a good candidate?

Liposuction tends to work well for patients who have overall good skin quality and have localized areas of fat that don't respond well to diet and exercise-- so if a patient is really overweight or has lots of excess, stretched out skin, liposuction is not a great option regardless of the type of lipo you do (conventional, power, ultrasound, laser, etc).  Based on your photos, I would think liposuction would work very well on you and in most cases is a straight-forward procedure.  Make sure you go to a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon who does liposuction regularly for your evaluation.  There are lots of other technologies out there that claim to do what liposuction does but without surgery-- I personally don't know of any of these non-invasive procedures that is widely accepted to work as well and provide the same lasting results that liposuction can, but this would also be something to discuss with your plastic surgeon.

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