Liposuction After Hernia Repair

Is it safe to have abdominal liposuction after you have had several abdominal surgeries,including 3 hernia repairs, there are painful adhesions and plenty of scar tissue. Is it best to confirm no current hernia before by CT scan or MRI, thanks

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Liposuction following hernia repair.

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Thanks very much for you question.  It is certainly possible to safely perform liposuction following hernia repair.  Hernias can easily be diagnosed with simple physical examination of a patient.  You can also do imaging studies of the abdomen but a thorough physical exam is likely all you need.  

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Liposuction after hernia repair

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For patients with previous abdominal surgery, it is best to have a pre-operative CT or MRI.  The reason is to examine the underlying tissues to make sure that no  damage will be caused by the liposuction cannulas.  Since cosmetic plastic surgery is an elective procedure, it is important that every step is taken to ensure a safe and successful surgery.  Good luck. 

Liposuction following hernia repair

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If you have had a recent CT or MRI and there have been no changes since then, you should be able to have liposuction without any additional concern.

Richard Sadove, MD
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Liposuction After Hernia Repair

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Yes a scan pre operatively can help determine the areas in question for possible issues. I have done this with excellent results. Best of luck. 

Hernias and liposuction

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You have to be real careful if you had hernias and want liposuction.  You may want to obtain a CT or MRI to ensure that you do not have a recurrent/persistent hernia. 

Steven Wallach, MD
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Abdominal liposuction can be done with scar tissue.

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It is technically more challenging, but we have had good results with a number of patients.

Physical exam determines whether you need a CT scan.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

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