Can Liposuction Actually Contribute to the Overall Disposition?

Along with the aesthetic and even potential health benefits of liposuctionIs, is there any documented evidence that there is actually a psychological benefit to liposuction?

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Can Liposuction Actually Contribute to my Overall Disposition?

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There are no scientific papers justifying that but I think we all recognize that self-confidence is part of an overall disposition and liposuction can increase self-confidence in some patients.

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Benefits to lipo

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There are some data showing decreased insulin resistance in patients who have had liposuction. How this may be of benefit is yet to be determined. The only advantage at this point is cosmetic.

Liposuction and psychologic improvement

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There are numerous studies in the literature suggesting that patients that undergo aesthetic procedures are often satisfied with the results and the surgery has a positive psychologic benefit.  While this is not guearanteed, it is a nice side benefit for many.

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Liposuction and Psychological benefits?

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Thank you for the interesting question.

I do not know of any “documented evidence” of psychological benefit to liposuction surgery.

 However, often when a patient achieves an  “improvement” in a problem area this provides a psychological “boost”;  patients may report an improvement in self-confidence etc.

Having said that however plastic surgical procedures generally should be performed for patients who have a stable “disposition”;  performing surgery on patients who are not “stable” is not a good idea. This holds true for patients who are experiencing depression, anxiety, or a variety of psychosocial stressors ( such as death of a loved one or divorce).

A well experienced,  and ethical plastic surgeon will attempt to  determine patient motivation and their psychosocial situation prior to determining whether a patient is a candidate for a procedure.

Best wishes.

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