Accent Laser Treatment Before and After Liposuction?

How long before and how long after Liposuction is it alright to get Accent Laser treatment?

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Accent works well after body contouring / liposuction

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Accent or other similar radiofrequency laser devices can be safely used on patients post-body contouring surgery.  In my practice, we use the Accent laser as well as another near infrared laser device in patients approximately 3-4 weeks post-surgery (any body contouring / liposuction procedure).  The Accent works extremely well in these patients, especially those who have undergone neck lift / neck contouring surgery (with respect to improving the contour of that particular area). Patients are typically prescribed 3-4 treatment sessions (spaced 4-6 weeks apart); however, continued use of this device will help to maintain / enhance results.  

In the past, I did not use the Accent laser on patients after their surgeries; however, I have been extremely pleased with the improved results that one can attain post-surgery after use of the Accent.  Specifically, the treatment sessions can reduce and expedite the resolution of swelling and contour irregularities that patients can inevitably experience post-surgery.

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