Liposuction to Abs, Flanks and Back Resulted in Fibrous Tissue: No Good for Revision?

Had lipo of my abs, flanks and back. Post surgery the dr told me that most of the tissue was fibrous & there wasn't much "good" fat. He put in about 175ccs in each butt cheek. I'm not unhappy, my primary goal was contouring however I would like a more round and prominiment butt.
I'm considering a 2nd lipo w/fat transfer using my arms, inner thighs and inner knees.
My Q's are A)Are these places viable for fat transfer?
B)Am I likely to have more fibrous tissue?
C)I'm petite, is it even worth it?

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Do I have enough fat for a Brazilian butt lift

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One thing is true, only the fact that you have can be harvested and placed in your buttocks.  If you are petite, and or don't have a lot of fat then you may not get the result that you expect.  That discussion should be had with your plastic surgeon so that realistic goals and expectations can be set and to prevent you from being disappointed.  Based on her discussion, you have to make a value judgment on cost. I hope this helps!

Liposuction, fat transfer

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It is not uncommon for the flank area to be more fibous. If you are petite there may not be a lot of fat in  those other locations for harvest.

David L. Abramson, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon

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