I just got Liposuction of ab, back, flanks. Is there more swelling and bruising when you take out more liters?

I had 4000ccs taken out of my full ab, back, and flanks. I have seen that a lot of people have a smaller waist a few days after but I do not. I have a lot of swelling and bruising. Is this because of the large amount that was taken out? Thanks!

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Swelling and liposuction

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With more extensive work, it would stand to reason that you may have more swelling. This can vary from patient to patient.

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One would anticipate more swelling with more extensive liposuction.

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Liposuction is traumatic and the longer the procedure the more swelling would be anticipated on balance. 4000 mL of liposuction is a lot.

Swelling after Liposuction

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The amount of fat removed does not directly affect bruising and swelling. Although the more areas of liposuction you have, can lead to more bruising and swelling. Your swelling and bruising is normal and should improve as you heal.

Robert Heck, MD, FACS
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Swelling after liposuction

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  • Most people see immediate improvement after liposuction, 
  • Some people swell so that the result is hidden,
  • Swelling and bruising is normal, the more bruising, the more swelling there is.
  • I have seen patients wait months to see results.
  • Give it time. Best wishes.

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