Will Liposonix Work on Very Fatty Inner Knees?

I have always had tree trunk legs even at a normal weight when younger. I am currently thirty pounds overweight and in the process of getting it off for good. I am 59 years old. I would like to do a non-invasive method. I did do Zeltiq on my roll on lower stomach and it made a huge difference. I never could lose it with a diet..It's been almost two years and it hasn't come back even though I gained weight. The areas I would love to help couldn't fit into the zeltiq device so am hoping liposonix will work.

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Liposonix is a non-invasive ultrasound based treatment for permanent fat reduction that poses very little risk to our patients. Normal observations after the treatment include skin pinkness, minor swelling, skin prickliness or sensitivity of the treated body region.Generally, if you can pinch an inch of fat in a particular area of your body, it can be treated.To determine if you are a candidate and to achieve the best clinical results, you should schedule a consultation.

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Will Liposonix Work on Very Fatty Inner Knees?

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One of the great benefits of Liposonix is that it can be tailored to any area of the body as long as there is adequate amount of fat present there and anatomically there are no important structures in danger of being damaged by the ultrasound.  Your best bed is to discuss this with your doctor and he or she will be able to advise you if the area around your knees can be treated.  Remember that it would be "off label" use of the device since Liposonix was FDA cleared for abdomen and flanks only. 

Liposonix on abdomen

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Liposonix is a noninvasive treatment designed to remove stubborn fat deposits that do not respond to diet and exercise. Typically Liposonix is used to treat the abdomen area, I recommend consulting with your doctor to find out which is best for the knee area. Good luck!

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While the clinical benefits from Liposonix may vary from one individual to another, we have found more consistent and positive clinical benefit with new pulse stacking protocol where 4 consecutive pulses are delivered vs. the older protocol where pulses are rotated in the general vicinity. In addition, we are able to achieve smoother body contouring by offering two courtesy Vaser Shape after each Liposonix treatment.

TruSculpt treats the bulges around the knee without discomfort

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I am glad you asked this question! We have had success with treating the bulges around the knee with TruSculpt which is the newest of the treatments out there. It uses RF energy to heat the fat. After the treatment, the fat cells will die off permanently through a natural biological trigger called apoptosis. This will eliminate about 30% of the fat cells in that area and tighten the skin. The treatment takes only about 10-20 min and is comfortable. It feels like a hot rock massage but is not painful. The results take 30-60 days to show and one treatment shows results but 2 is better than one.

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