What Should I Do if Liposonix Didn't Work at All?

I had the procedure done a little more than 3 months ago. There has been no change in my diet and I am slightly more active than I was before. I didn't expect a miracle but I did expect to lose at least an inch in my abdomen. There was never any mention that the procedure might not work. Can you think of any reason why it might not have worked? Is the clinic liable to repeat the procedure for free in this case? Do I have any other options for regaining at least part of my money?

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What Should I Do if Liposonix Didn't Work at All?

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Most importantly, you should go back to see your doctor and take the "after" photos for true comparison.  If in fact you have no results from the procedure, I am sure your doctor will come up with some compromise to ensure that you are happy.  In my practice, I typically credit the money patients have spent for Liposonix towards a liposuction procedure.  White it is more invasive, I can guarantee my patients a more aggressive result with surgery.

Manhattan General Surgeon
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Consult with your doctor

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Give yourself time to fully heal. My suggestion is to follow up with your doctor at the appropriate time. Ask your doctor what the next best step is; good luck!

Bruce E. Katz, MD
New York Dermatologic Surgeon
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Discuss Liposonix results with provider

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While I cannot comment on your specific case, I can tell you a few things we have been doing to get more predictable results with Liposonix. First, it is important to document results with accurate measurements and photos, and limit it to appropriate candidates because it does not do as much as liposuciton. In terms of the treatment, the total dose (measured in Joules) should be at least 160, better if 180, a bit higher than was originally believed. If lower settings are being used then a technique called pulse stacking could help. Unlike liposuction, it is not the treatment but the body's individual response to the treatment that determines the final outcome, so there is inherent variability.  

Richard Baxter, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon
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