Liposonix and visceral fat, does it produce more?

Does liposonix cause your body to produce more visceral fat? If you have this procedure are you going to have to constantly workout to keep your results.

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Liposonix treatments use advanced ultrasound technology to destroy unwanted abdominal fat permanently.  As long as you can pinch an inch of fat, you are a candidate for the procedure. Liposonix high intensity ultrasound energy focuses on destroying subcutaneous fat.  The ultra sound energy does not reach visceral fat levels in the abdominal cavity.

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Liposonix Does Not Produce More Visceral Fat

You may be confusing terminology - visceral fat is in the abdominal cavity and subcutaneous fat is fat under the skin and this is the fatty tissue that is targeted by Liposonix. Liposonix does not penetrate into the abdominal cavity and is FDA approved to treat subcutanous fat on the abdominal wall. That is why the criteria is 1 inch of fatty tissue which can be grabbed by the fingers. 

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Liposonix does not produce more visceral fat

Liposonix is a non-surgical, safe, and effective solution to reduce visceral "external" body fat by high intensified ultrasound energy. Focused energy is used in difficult areas such as "love handles," difficult areas on the arms, and thighs which in turn destroys fat cells. The ultrasound energy signals an inflammatory response for the macrophage cells to destroy external fat/adipose tissue and cellular debris. Therefore, liposonix does not produce more visceral fat.

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Liposonix does not cause increased visceral ("internal") fat

Liposonix is an effective way to eliminate 1-3 inches of subcutaneous ("external") fat. It is perfect for the patient who is close to normal weight but has 1-3 inches of fat on their abdomen, "love handles" or thighs that they just can't get rid of despite a good diet and exercise regimen. So I've seen it be a godsend to post-baby moms who didn't want to go under the knife for liposuction or some other drastic surgery. And it has no effect on internal fat. 

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Liposonix for localized external fat reduction

Since Liposonix reduces fat in the subcutaneous layer, there is no direct effect on internal fat. The results are measured by circumference reduction, so that would imply no compensatory response of increased visceral (internal) fat or the effect would cancel out. However, it is possible that any fat reduction procedure could produce secondary changes, but these should respond to exercise.

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