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I have had liposelection done about 2 weeks ago in an overseas location and am on my way back to the US (Dallas, TX) next week. My surgeon tells me I will probably need a couple more aftercare visits with a local Dallas surgeon and will probably need some fluid removed one more time. Can you recommend a Physician/Surgeon in Dallas that might be willing to see me?

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Who will take care of my postoperative care if I have surgery out of the US?

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Hi there-

This is a very good question, because I cannot think of any reputable plastic surgeon in my area who would be willing to take you on as a patient after you return from abroad with a surgical complication.

In Orlando, we have many patients of latin origin who are seduced by low prices abroad, only to find that treatment of complications on their return is difficult, if not impossible to find- and if they ARE able to find a plastic surgeon willing to play Good Samaritan to a patient who wanted to save money by bypassing their practice before, they quickly learn that the money they saved in the initial decision is rapidly consumed (and then some) in managing the problem...

I wish you luck with your problem, but do not know of a surgeon willing to put their name on the line in this situation.

Arranging post oerative care for out of town plastic surgery - medical tourism.

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I must concur with Dr. Aldea and Dr. Rand. I am not really sure why a doctor here would be willing to assume the care for a procedure done elsewhere. It would have been best to arrange that prior to going out of town. I personally avoid taking care of patients who have surgery elsewhere unless I have personal communication with the surgeon. This is a courtesy that we offer to our colleagues. I would recommend that you contact the surgeon who performed the surgery as I am sure he/she has encountered this situation before and has made arrangements for exactly this condition or at least had the courtesy to discuss this with you prior to surgery.

Perhaps you could find an urgent care clinic or physician who works at a med-spa to perform this service.

Finding a VASER liposelection "aftercare doctor"

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I agree with Dr. Rand. Medical tourism is very seductive to thousands of American who go put a greater importance on financial considerations and go abroad to be operated on. Lower Cosmetic Surgery prices in exotic locations. What's not to love?

Well, for starters, as you are finding out, WHO will take care of you should you have complications or should you require revisions? Who will want to take care of your ongoing fluid collections and "...probably need some fluid removed one more time" or worse? How many Plastic surgeons would be willing to be put into that compromised position by a patient who bypassed them originally? Very few if any.

As a personal favor to a friend and rather uncommonly, we have all have taken care of some patients for out of town Plastic surgery colleague but we do not make it habit.

When getting excited about all the money you could be saving with having your surgery abroad, think for a minute just how much MORE it may cost you to have any complications taken care for there and here.

Dr. P. Aldea

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Dallas plastic surgeon

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You will be hard pressed to find a real plastic surgeon who will be willing to participate in your aftercare. This is one of the reasons patients are ill-advised to go out of the country for plastic surgery. Please realize that the other doctor made the money for your surgery and getting involved in the aftercare only exposes your American doctor to the potential liability of a lawsuit if anything goes wrong with your result. Rest assured, the foreign doctor will say the American doctor did something wrong in the aftercare and ruined what otherwise would have been a great result.

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