Is a Liposculture in the Brow Area an Existing Procedure/treatment?

I know its not common, but is it a real existing procedure/treatment? when could a subtile liposculpture in the eyebrow area be required? Is it a safe procedure? I was wondering for this, sice my forehead (eyebrow level) looks a (tiny) bit overprojected from (especially) lateral view. I would like to all /more about this specific procedure. It looks like my eyebrows are more upfront the the rest of my face, would like to get a more flatter result if possible. Dont want something drastic.

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Brow liposuction is not necessary.

Brow liposuction is not necessary. The prominence you are referring to is most likely caused by overprojection of the bone and can be treated by shaving or sanding that bone down.

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Liposculpting in the brow

It is very uncommon to perform liposculpting in the brow region. The primary reason for this is that the overprojection you refer to is most likely from bony prominence as opposed to excess fat. Attempting liposculpting in this area will most likely result in very little if any improvement.

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Liposuction of Forehead?

Thank you for the question.

Liposuction of the forehead  is not a commonly performed procedure.  You will find that the majority of patients who are concerned about this area have prominent  bone not redundant adipose tissue.  Liposuction therefore would provide little benefit.

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Liposculpture for eyebrows

  Usually, prominence that you describe is a result of bony prominence (which means it is how you were made) and is best left alone.  However, if it is minor correction you seek, yes the brow fat can be sculptured as you suggest by experienced surgeons.

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