Should I Wait Post Pregnancy When Getting Liposculpture or Liposelection?

I want to get Liposculpture or Liposelection done. I just had a baby but I want to have more. Is it a bad idea to get it if I want to have more kids?

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Pregnancies and Liposuction Timing

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If you are going to get pregnant again right away then wait on the liposuctioning but if you are going to wait a year or two then the liposuction now makes sense.  Why not look great for a year or two by doing the liposuctioning and lift your self esteem.

Beverly Hills Dermatologic Surgeon
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Should I Wait Post Pregnancy When Getting Liposculpture or Liposelection?

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-- Hello dear, thanks for your question and provided information as well.. This is the surgical procedure that revolutionized cosmetic surgery becoming one of the most performed cosmetic procedures. Subcutaneous tissue or fat is removed in order to contour the body in a way that is harmonious and pleasing to the senses. It can be performed in almost all regions of the body such as the neck, chin, abdomen, back, buttocks, thighs, arms and ankles. Usually done through a small incision in the skin through which a cannula connected to a vacuum is applied, it can be performed alone or in combination with other procedures. After liposuction your body is going to be really swollen for at least 2 to 4 months after your surgery. It is important for you to wear your compression garment for at least 6 months, the first 3 months 24/7 and then the last 3 months at least 12 hours per day for your body get use to not having the faja for so many time. When you remove it, your body can get swollen and also you can have pain. Remember to also compress your body to prevent a seroma which is an accumulation of liquid that has to be drained, it is hard to touch and also really painful. Bruises are completely normal for almost 3 months from surgery, that’s why is better for you to use a bruising cream and apply it all over your body 3 times a day. To prevent bad circulation and swollen legs, use compression socks. Brazilian butt lift can be performed with the same procedure and for a month it will be swollen and it will drop a little bit without losing it’s shape if you use your garment.. If you’re going to perform liposuction on your inner, outer, anterior, lateral, postetior thighs, be careful and consult with your surgeon what’s best for you, sometimes we have more extra skin than fat, that can cause severe sagginess on our legs, which can be only be reversed performing a thigh lift!

Tania Medina de Garcia, MD
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon
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Liposculpture Before Pregnancy

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Patients frequently undergo Liposculpture or Liposelection before having more children. As long as you return to the weight you were before the pregnancy, then the lipo results should return as well.

Kimberly Butterwick, MD
San Diego Dermatologic Surgeon
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Liposuction post pregnancy

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Its fine to have liposculpture. You will look good between pregnancies but please realize that the effects may be gone after your next child. No issues from a safety perspective....which in my mind is the most important consideration.

Wait to Have Surgery

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Thanks for the question.

Generally it is  in your best interest to complete pregnancies prior to having any type of abdominal surgery. Most patients who have had pregnancies will have much better results with tummy tuck surgery as opposed to any type of liposuction surgery.

When the time is right please consult with a well experienced board certified plastic surgeon.

Best wishes.

Liposuction Between Pregnancies

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While it is okay to have liposuction between close pregnancies I would not normally advise this.  I don't know how long it has been since your last baby but your body will improve on its own with time,exercise and healthy eating.  If it is over 1-2 years since your last delivery, your not breastfeeding and you finished having children then seek a consultation on the best options to get you where you want to be.  This is just my personal philosophy-- you will have to decide for yourself.  Good  luck!

Hannah Vargas, MD
Kansas City Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Liposculpture results persist past pregnancy if weight gain is moderate

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Liposculpture results persist past pregnancy if weight gain is moderate. Liposculpture removes fat cells and if these are not increased during pregnancy there is little to fear.

Edward Lack, MD
Chicago Dermatologist


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You should wait a few months until you have lost all the weight gained during pregnancy. Liposuction will have no effect on future pregnancies.

Ivan Thomas, MD (retired)
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

More children soon? Then wait.

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Congratulations. The answer here revolves around when you are planning to have more children. If the additional pregnancies are planned soon, then wait on the lipo.



Best Regards,


John Di Saia MD

John P. Di Saia, MD
Orange Plastic Surgeon

Liposuction after a baby, timing...

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First of all, congratulations.   Next, the timing of surgery depends on your family planning.  If you are planning on having multiple children soon, then I would wait.  If you may have one five years from no, that is a different subject.  This is very subjective, and really depends on you.

If you are going to have multiple births, your body may need a tummy tuck and plication, (as opposed to liposuction).  It all depends on your tissues and how your body does with the pregnancies.

Best to go over all of this with a board certified plastic surgeon.  Together, you can make the correct choice for you.

Jeffrey J. Roth, MD, FACS
Las Vegas Plastic Surgeon
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