Chances of Getting Liposarcoma from Lipomas?

I have numerous Lipomas. I removed a couple of them 2 yrs ago. Now I am afraid whether it may be cancer and my doctor did biopsy last time and the result is benign.

Can I ask my doctor for another biopsy or please suggest me some other ways to differentiate benign and malignant Lipomas, such as fine needle aspiration. If it is liposarcoma, what are the symptoms? Thank you.

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Liposarcoma and lipomas

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There is a low risk of small lipomas turning into liposarcoma, but the risk increases with large lipomas and giant lipomas.

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Lipoma or Liposarcoma?

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Lipomas are the most common benign tumor;  they are composed of adipose tissue. Sometimes these soft,  usually mobile  masses can grow in size and become an aesthetic or functional concern.

Malignant transformation of lipomas into liposarcomas  it's extremely rare ( and controversial).

Generally, I  recommend excision to allow for pathologic evaluation (which is the only  way to make a definitive diagnosis) and to  alleviate compressive symptoms it may be causing (as well as for cosmetic purposes).

Certainly, if you or your physician notices one of the numerous lipomas changing in size... it should be removed preferentially.

Best wishes. 

Multiple lipomas

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Many people have multiple lipomas all over the body.they are usually small. large lipomas are suspect if they start growing fast.

Consult your Plastic surgeon.

Samir Shureih, MD
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