Liponsonix Following Gall Bladder Surgery. Will Fat Discharge Effect My Stool?

two years ago I had gall bladder surgery. I have to take loperamide 2mg each day and keep my fat intake very low. Will the discharge of fat from Liposonix play havoc with my difficulty in maintaining solid stools?

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LipoSonix Following Cholecystectomy

Hi Elizabeth,


When your gallbladder is removed, your digestive system has difficulty digesting fatty foods you eat because it lacks the digestive enzymes your gallbladder would normally make. However, when Liposonix uses focused ultrasound to destroy fat cells, the fat is removed by the body's natural scavenger system. The two processes are completely unrelated. Thus, the fact that you have no gallbladder has absolutely no effect on your ability to clear the fat that is lost during LipoSonix.


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