Can Lipomas Directly over the Si Joint Cause Extreme Back Pain?

I have had extreme lower back pain for many years. I have had X-rays & an MRI. My Doctors still have no idea what is causing the pain. I take Celebrex & have Chiropractic treatments w/ little relief. I have a small, tender tumor like nodule over my right si joint. Doctor thinks it is a Episacral Lipomas. Can this cause very extreme pain? I thought a lipomas did not cause much pain & my pain is extreme. Thanks for any info.

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Lipoma and Back Pain?

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I'm sorry to hear about the significant symptoms you are experiencing. It seems unlikely that a small lipoma can be the source of such “extreme” pain but direct examination will be necessary for definitive advice. Hopefully you have been seen by a well experienced spine specialist;  these doctors can usually diagnose and potentially treat...

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