Should Lipomas on Shoulder and Back Be Removed?

In a year, I have developed two egg size lipomas. One in the small of my back and the other on top of my shoulder. The one in my back appeared out of nowhere. It has caused a lot of issues at times with walking.

I was doing push ups and felt a pop in my shoulder and it really hurt, then I noticed a lump on top of my shoulder, as if it popped up through the joint. My shoulder hurt for at least a week. Should I remove these? Or have reason to worry?

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Lipoma of the shoulder

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  In general, it is not absolutely necessary to remove a lipoma, if your doctor is confident that this is what it is.  Of course, one cannot be absolutely certain until the lesion is removed and submitted for pathology.

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Shoulder lipoma?

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This lesion may not be a lipoma after all. I would recommend an MRI to assess the lesion prior removing it. If it is soft, mobile, nontender, regular, not attached to underlying structures, it may well be a lipoma.

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