Lipoma Causes and Diagnosis

What are some lipoma causes? Are lipomas genetic? Is there any way I can tell if I will probably get lipomas like my dad, or are they preventable?

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Lipomas are the most common benign tumor;  they are composed of adipose tissue. Sometimes these soft,  usually mobile  masses can grow in size and become an aesthetic or functional concern.

Malignant transformation of lipomas into liposarcomas  it's extremely rare ( and controversial).

Generally, I  recommend excision to allow for pathologic evaluation (which is the only  way to make a definitive diagnosis).

Lipomas are not necessarily hereditary but there are some extremely rare  hereditary conditions ( familial multiple lipomatosis).

 I hope this helps.

The cause of lipomas is not well understood


Lipomas are more likely in certain people and probably in certain families. Trying to tell an individual whether or not he or she will develop them in not an exact science however. They are not preventable and there is no activity of which I know that will predispose towards them or prevent their development.

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