Will Lipomas Affect a Slim Lipo Treatment?

I have a few lipomas on my adomen and back. Will that affect a slim lipo treatment for my abdomen and flanks?

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Lipoma and Liposuction

You would need an exam to make that determination.  Most likely, you could have the lipomas removed at the same time as the liposuction surgery.

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Lipomas and Liposuction

Without seeing you in person and examining your lipomas, it is impossible to comment on how they may affect your liposuction or be affected by your liposuction.  In some cases, we actually perform liposuction to remove lipomas.


Good Luck.

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Slim Lipo and lipomas

it's very tough to answer that one without an examination. You could certainly have them surgically removed at the time of your procedure. The important thing, and this is critical, is to ensure that these are not hernias versus a lipoma. Perforating a hernia during liposuction could be disastrous for you though I'm sure it is just lipomas but make sure you get a few examinations and consultations. All that being said, if you manage to actually perforate the capsule of the lipoma with the slim lipoyou may be successful in reducing or eliminating them. On the other hand if they're completely missed they may be more noticeable than they were before.

. A bit of a tough spot. Best thing is to surgically remove them and then move on with your Lycos suction procedure with SLim Lipo.


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