Lipoma!? Tumor? Remove? Hurts?

I went to a doctor and he said it was fatty tissue.. Months pass and I noticed it got bigger.. Not too big but almost the length if my pinky.. I play basketball and while I was I got hit there and it hurt.. It's raised above the skin and then hardened in another area.. I'm scared because Idont know what it is ? It's in my stomach , just below the belly button.. Could it be a tumor? Or? Should I get it removed?

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Lipoma? Tumor?

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If it was diagnosed as "fatty tissue" that is most likely a lipoma. Some lipomas stay the same size forever, some grow and change and expand. They aren't dangerous but can be annoying, and they can be prohibitive in sports depending on their location. My recommendation is to have it removed, and have it sent for lab review.

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