Why Did the Lipoma Spread from One Arm to the Other?

First it started on my right forearm and then it came up on my left shoulder.

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Lipomas Spreading

It didn't! Benign lipomas do not spread to distant areas. If you have two lipomas, they are separate entities. Each one is treated as an independent lesion.

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Lipomas on the arms

Lipomas are benign fat collections that some people develop. It seems to run in some families as well (hereditary). The lipoma did not spread from one arm to the other, but rather you are simply developing new lipomas. Some people get 1-2 lipomas, others get 10-20. Only time will tell what will happen to you. Regardless, they are harmless and can be easily cut out.

Benjamin Barankin, MD, FRCPC
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Lipomas don't spread from one arm to the other

 Lipomas are benign fatty tumors that can occur in multiple locations on your body.  What you have is a NEW lipoma on your other arm, not one that has spread.

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