Treatment and Doctor to See for Lump Under Lipoma Removal Scar?

I had a small but painful lipoma on my inside thigh removed 3 months ago. The pain is still the same as before the removal. Pain comes and goes but is very bad at times and feels like nerve pain. I still have a lump under the scar but I don't know if the lipoma has grown back or has been replaced with scar tissue. What kind of doctor/treatment should I seek for this?

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Lump under lipoma scar

  I too doubt that this represents a recurrence of the lipoma.  It is likely that it is scar tissue although one cannot tell for certain without seeing you.  There may be a role for steroid injections into the  scar to relieve your discomfort.

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Assessing a lump under the skin for lipoma growth

Large lipomas do have a small chance of recurrence and regrowth.  A surgeon will determine if the lump is from recurrence or scar tissue. 

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Lump under lipoma removal scar

Your symptoms may be due to a stitch granuloma, stitch abscess, or seroma. These all can be locally tender and many times resolve on their own. You should see your plastic surgeon to evaluate the area and lance or aspirate the area under sterile conditions to diagnose and relieve your symptoms. It is unlikely a recurrence of the prior lipoma.

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