Herbal Cure for Lipoma?

I'm 38 years old and have developed lipomas fast. I started out with 1 on the top of my right rib cage, just below my right chest and now I have them on my back, mid-stomach, and side stomach. All lipomas seem to be in those areas. Lipomas do hurt when I take a deep breath while exercising. The lipomas give me back pain. Are their herbal cures? I keep reading other site in India that speak of many herbal remedies.

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Herbal Cure for Lipoma?

No, there is no “herbal cure” for lipoma that I am aware of.

Generally, I  recommend excision to allow for pathologic evaluation (which is the only  way to make a definitive diagnosis) and to  alleviate compressive symptoms it may be causing (as well as for cosmetic purposes).

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Lipoma cure with herbal medications

There is no identifiable herbal or non-invasive tool to remove or disintegrate lipomas. At this time surgery remains your best option. 

Raffy Karamanoukian, MD, FACS
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Herbal cures for lipomas may exist but I am not aware of any

Painful lipomas are an hereditary condition that usually requires surgical removal. In many cases, surgery can be accomplished with a Slim Lipo canula to soften the fat and then the lipoma can be removed through a small incision.

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