What Can Be Expected from Lipoma Removal?

I have a softball-size tumor on the side of my hip. I saw a orthopedic surgeon today who says it is most likely a Lipoma. I was set up w/ an appointment with a PS for removal. The doctor wanted to see me ASAP.

Does that mean he may be concerned about it being something else? He said it would really need to come out before they could rule out a malignancy. What is the recovery time for this area and size of tumor? (I'm a file clerk) Does saying ASAP mean he thinks there may be more to it?

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Lipoma removal on the body. Removing lipomas with surgery

Large tumors, whether lipoma or something else, should be evaluated and removed to determine the extent of pathology.  If this is a lipoma, surgical removal and pathologic examination are necessary. 

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Removal of large lipomas from the hip

There are several things to consider when removing a large life, from the hip. The hip is an area that has bone very close to the surface of the skin. If you have a large lipoma in this location, it is very possible that you could have a significant defect or depression here after the surgery. Your best bet is to be evaluated by a plastic surgeon who will not only be able to remove the lipoma but will discuss options available to brain tissue to this area to help prevent such a deformity. The placement of your scar is also important as you want to make sure that it will hopefully be hidden underneath your clothes or while you're not wearing a shirt but that it is not interfering with your belt line.

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Have the lump removed soon


This lump may not be a lipoma. Get yourself into the office soon. You will probably need to have the tumor removed in an operating facility under anesthesia. Hopefully it is only a large lipoma, but I would send a large lesion for pathology to make sure it was not something more serious.

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