Lipoma Removal Concerns

Doctor says the lipoma on my ankle is largest he has even seen and has scheduled lipoma removal surgery in 3 weeks, as I cannot any sooner. This has taken me by surprise. He says he is afraid it may not be encapsulated and may be all jelly-like so he may not get it all out. He also said the scar would be big and I may have a hematoma the size of the tumor and/ or an indentation or cave-like apperance on my foot. I am totally freaking out!

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Lipoma Removal

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Hi BF in Miami,

The primary reason for removing a swelling (ie "tumor") is to establish its identity and determine IF it is malignant or not. This can be done with a small (sliver) incisional biopsy.

IF the mass is malignant (VERY unlikely) a more extensive excision will have to be done.

But if this is a benign lipoma you can have it almost complely removed with better cosmetic results with liposuction.

Obviously, without an examination I cannot advise you what to do. But there is no reason to "freak out". Ask your surgeon IF this course of action may be applicable to you. You may be surprised by his/her response. Good Luck.

Memphis Plastic Surgeon

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