How Can Lipoma Be Prevented?

What can I do to prevent the growth of lipoma? I go to the gym regularly, does that affect the growth of lipoma?

Previously, I had consulted a homeopathy doctor. He advised gave me treatment but there was no improvement in the condition?

Later I consulted a allopathy doctor who denied of any treatment but I don't feel good as it has affected my right hand and I want to get rid of the situation. Please specify some way to get rid of this.

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If it is a tumor, consider having it removed

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It amazes me how many people here are certain that they have a lipoma. I operate for them and am never 100% sure of their identity until after I see the pathology report. I recommend removal of masses to both remove them as a problem as well as to prove that removal alone is adequate therapy. A small number of these are not lipomas, but more aggressive tumors. If you have a mass consider having it removed against the risk of not doing anything.

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